Bespoke ironwork

Bespoke Ironwork

At Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths, you will find the full range of bespoke ironwork you could possibly want. Why are we so confident of this? The simple reason is that we are masters of our craft, and we love finding new ways to use our traditional methods to create new designs in bespoke ironwork.
If you buy pieces of bespoke ironwork from Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths, you can be confident that it has been handmade by experts who use skills which have been passed down over generations and mastered through years spent at the forge. All our work is made from high quality metal which is heated in a coke fire, using methods of creating bespoke ironwork that have been used for centuries. Then the metal is worked by hand to create original, unique pieces of work that are both functional and beautiful.
Some customers want bespoke ironwork for gates and railings. It is true that you can order mass produced pieces to install as fences and gates. But with our bespoke ironwork, we create the gates and railings that are perfect for your property. This means that our bespoke ironwork will be created to your personal design. Whether you like simple and elegant, or complex and decorative, we can make the bespoke ironwork that you have in mind. As well as looking good, each piece of bespoke ironwork will be sized to perfectly fit your property.
Other customers want bespoke ironwork to make a custom balcony. The railings and supports to make the balcony functional and a feature of the house are something we can make for you. If you are looking for a new balcony, why not discuss your construction plan with us so that we can make it a truly unique design?
Some homeowners choose to buy bespoke ironwork for their stairs. We can master craft bannisters, stair rails and other features in high quality, decorative ironwork. If you are in the middle of a restoration of an old property, a bespoke ironwork stairs feature can be perfect for creating the style that you want.
What about your garden? Bespoke ironwork is a simple and creative way of changing the look of your property. You could invest in bespoke ironwork railings to separate your patio from the lawn, or have a decorative trellis archway to grow trailing, flowering plants over the path to your house.
Not all our bespoke ironwork is functional. Some customers want bespoke ironwork that is purely decorative. This could be shapes and designs to hand as metal wall art, or to create a certain period look in a home. Restaurants which are designed in a period style can also benefit from this type of bespoke ironwork.
We are confident that we offer the best choice of bespoke ironwork that you will find. We are not only highly regarded by our customers, but also our work is recognised by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, London. For more information and enquiries about our bespoke ironwork, look in our website gallery or get in contact today. We would love to hear from you.