Hand forged ironwork

Hand Forged Ironwork

At Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths, Les and Hazel specialise in hand forged ironwork. In a day and age when so many things are mass produced and made by machines, they focus on creating hand forged ironwork which stands out because of its original style and beauty. If you are looking for bespoke items in hand forged ironwork, they are the experts that you can rely on.
The methods that Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths use are not new. They are methods in hand forged ironwork that have been handed down the generations, from master to apprentice. These metalwork skills date back to the ancient world.
One of the oldest examples of hand forged ironwork dates to about 1350 BCE. This is from ancient Egypt, although it was probably a Hittite who carried out this work. It was not only the Egyptians who valued hand forged ironwork. The Greeks and Romans also valued metal tools. Even the ancient pantheons of gods had smiths, which shows how important these individuals were in society. Soldiers relied on the metalwork for the weapons and armour.
The methods used by these early smiths to create hand forged ironwork were essentially the same as the methods used by modern artist blacksmiths. First the metal is heated in a coke fuelled fire until it reaches a high temperature. Then it is hammered and worked into shape. The carbon in the coke is worked into the iron. This is good for the metal. Without the carbon, the metal be become brittle. The carbon makes the metal softer whilst retaining its strength. The skill of the smith in making hand forged ironwork is to balance the amount of carbon that is worked into the metal.
In modern times, the Industrial Revolution changed the production methods used for iron. Items were mass produced in forges. Later in the Industrial Revolution, steel production methods were developed which made mass produced steel goods. This led to a fall in the number of craftsmen who made hand forged ironwork.
However, hand forged ironwork is still important. There are many uses for mass produced metal work. But this will never look as good in your home as hand forged ironwork. This is the service that Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths can provide for you. They produce bespoke metalwork that can be used in your home or workplace.
The expert team at Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths are waiting to hear from you so that they can design and create the hand forged ironwork you want. Whether you want gates and railings, wall decorations, balconies, archways or something completely different, they are able to take your initial idea and design exactly what you want.
You can see examples of previous work in the online gallery, which includes original work as well as restoration projects.
If you are looking for high quality, hand forged ironwork then contact the team at Hazelmoore Artist Blacksmiths. They are waiting to hear from you to discuss your ideas and make them reality in hand forged ironwork.