140/3 Artist Blacksmiths Alcombe

Artist Blacksmiths Alcombe

Metal can be beautiful. It is an art. Before you run away with yourself thinking that I am talking about a genre of music and thinking of all the best songs that you know, I am referring to a different sort of artist. One that works with their hands. They mould and fold sheets and pieces of metal creating works of art. These are artist blacksmiths. Alcombe is home to one of the most experienced and talented.

Not many today would think of blacksmiths as artists. Perhaps curtain rails, gates, banisters and door knockers are what comes to mind when you think of blacksmiths. Naturally these are products that are produced by the masterful hands of an experienced blacksmith. Many however can create superb versions of these household staples. A gate that artist blacksmiths produce tell a story. They are stop and stare products.

My father-in-law was a renowned blacksmith. Visiting his home for the first time, I was struck by how metal can be transformed into a wonderful thing of beauty. In some cases, delicacy and tender care is needed in order to achieve the refinement and sophistication needed in the design. Each curtain rail at my husband’s parents’ home was unique. One was intricately twisted and had leaves trailing down the wall leaving a woodland feel to the living room. It gave a strength and natural atmosphere to the whole room. After that visit, my respect for blacksmiths grew. I never viewed them in the same way. Unfortunately, my father-in-law retired and has left the job to other artist blacksmiths.

Alcombe is home to Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths. She is a specialist in her field of forged ironworks. She truly excels in her artistic endeavours. If you don’t believe that metal can be made into superb art, have a look at her website. You will soon be convinced that your curtain poles and coat rails need to be vamped up. Her exquisite work elevates the mundane and ordinary household items and elevates them making them feature. For the best artist blacksmiths Alcombe has to offer, choose Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths.

To continue the example of a gate mentioned earlier, Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths has a picture of a commissioned gate that they have created and fitted. It is shaped into a girl shutting the gate as she heads out to the local shops. She may perhaps be coming home after her excursion. Who knows? But that is art. From what Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths has created, you could make up a whole life for this girl because Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths has captured an emotion that we all feel.

If you want your own exquisite work of art, get in contact with Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths. The owner and blacksmith artist of the company would be happy to create a commissioned piece for you. It is her passion. Once you have browsed her website, you will feel inspired to design your own piece and have Alcombe’s Hazel Moore Artist Blacksmiths bring it to life.